Realize Benefits

Automation of processes is the single most effective and universal way to improve performance and reduce costs. The Internet has taking this to the next level as it allows integrating automation with multiple external stakeholders in any business process. Recruitment has its own challenges. Automation not only helps overcome these challenges but also brings several benefits to the organizations that adopt it. In addition to overcoming the challenges faced by HR, Requisition Automation brings several benefits.

Creating a large choice of candidates

By making the careers page on the company's website interactive for job seekers the company positions itself to attract more candidates, allowing them to post their resumes 24 X 7. All print, online, internal referral, placement agency, campus, walk-ins and other recruitment drives can direct job seekers to visit the careers page to update / post their resumes making it a single window for all recruitment activities. Being online also means the company can easily reach out to candidates from multiple locations overcoming geographical barriers to recruitment. With the entire data bank of candidates online the company can create and manage a talent bank and also maintain a proactive pool of candidates for future needs readily accessible.

Improving quality of hiring

A standardized platform ensures that recruitment processes across different locations; business units, department and companies within an enterprise are uniform bringing consistency to the hiring process. Online recruitment also brings transparency, accountability and visibility to the recruiting process hence allowing for flexibility in situations that require them. With the databank of all candidates' online chances of loosing or misplacing resumes of good candidates is eliminated.

Increasing speed of hiring

Automating recruitment processes creates the ability to build a talent pipeline ahead of demand. This radically reduces the lead-time required to hire candidates. Being online, the platform is readily accessible all the time from anywhere, allows real-time applications from any location increasing the speed of hiring. Critical information is available when needed saving immense time spent on manual processing of resumes.

Reducing cost per hire

Leveraging the company website's career page is one of the most effective way of reducing the cost per hire. All recruitment initiatives such as print advertisements, placement agencies, job board advertisements, campus recruiting, participating in job fairs, employee referral schemes, can require candidates to visit the company career page to submit their information and apply for job vacancies. This lowers spend on hiring as all activities come under a unified recruitment automation platform. This can also help reduce print ad size / head hunting costs / etc and in turn reducing the cost per hire. Significant savings in efforts also results through automation of several interim steps in the recruitment process leading to a direct tangible return on investment. More...

Freeing organizational resources

Managing large volume recruitment or candidate data is a manpower intensive activity. Storing, organizing, marking notes, retrieving old records, compiling reports, communicating with candidates, scheduling interviews and several other administrative activities are now automatically managed in the recruitment automation workflow without the need for special resources to be deployed to have them done. Constraints, limitations and bottlenecks get eliminated and streamlined with the help of Recruitment Automation freeing up the most valuable resource of all, people to do higher value added activities.

Enhancing company brand image

Recruitment Automation is customized to seamlessly integrate with individual customers websites. The look and feel of the recruitment automation application is identical to the organizations brand and helps enhance the perception of the organization as a tech savvy and forward thinking.

Optimizing processes to improve efficiencies

Automation brings measurability, visibility, transparency and accountability in recruitment. Recruitment Automation helps streamline recruitment process ensuring waste reduction, process simplification, improving cycle / process time and making them error free. Using automation recruitment practices get institutionalized and a strong foundation for managing the organizations most precious assets is put in place.

Elevating performance through MIS

Talopt provides access to consistent and standardized information across the organization with all stakeholders helping improve productivity and effectiveness in decision-making and execution. The ability to retrieve candidate info at the click of a button, tracking their status at any point and ready access to reporting and MIS at each stage of recruitment process elevates performance.

Integrating enterprise wide hiring

Recruitment Automation is an integrated single online window for recruitment. Implemented on the career page of the enterprise it serves as a solutions for all entities in the group bringing the best practices across the organization.

Overcome Challenges

Specific Challenges faced by HR that are overcome by use of the Recruitment Automation module

Manual Process Bottlenecks

Manual processes that involve using spreadsheets, emails and offline records are tedious to maintain, prone to error and time consuming to maintain. Invaluable information may also be lost. Automation will help overcome these bottlenecks.

    Resource Constraints

    The HR team is buried in day-to-day activities such as searching for candidates, follow-ups, paperwork and administrative activities. Automation of the recruitment process will free up HR resources for performing higher value added activities.

    Inability to Share Information

    With several recruiting teams, placement agencies working in parallel on different or same assignments there are communication gaps and inconsistencies. To improve efficiency a single platform to share real time information is critical.

    Coordination with placement agencies

    Using placement agencies effectively is extremely vital and necessary to get the best hires.De-bottlenecking constraints in working with them is becoming increasingly important and easily achieved using Talopt.

    Non-Availability of Real Time Reports

    Lack of real time performance measurement is leading to poor output and effectiveness of recruiting teams. Automation helps generate real time insights bringing transparency, measurability, accountability and visibility to recruitment activities.

    Planning Limitations

    There are several sources and strategies for attracting candidates. Which of these is the most effective for your company and for what positions - print advertisements, placement agencies, walk-ins, or other methods. Automating the process gives the ability to filter applications and results by source, methods and other criteria which helps in improving planning to better performance.

    Unconsolidated & Non-Standardized Databank

    Applications are received from multiple sources and stored in different workstations. Formats used by candidates vary and there are several duplicates leading to lack of clarity and lack of effectiveness in recruitment. Automation consolidates and standardizes the databank making it accessible at all times by different functions within the organization.

    Managing Large Volume of Applications

    With each recruitment drive there are several hundred unselected candidate resumes that need to be kept in an organized and streamlined manner for future reference. Automation helps manage these with minimal effort reducing the costs mindlessly repeating advertisements and allows use some of those stored resumes.