Talopt: Talent Acquisition Solution
Human Resources are among the most valuable assets of an organization. In the intensely competitive global marketplace successful companies often differentiate themselves based on their ability to attract, retain, and develop their human resource talent. Talopt is an integrated Talent Optimization solution that empowers HR leaders to win the strategic war for talent and contribute to the success of their business enterprise. The Talopt software suite includes solutions for

Talent Acquisition
The Talent Acquisition solution serves as a unified, online, always-on system to receive, manage, store candidate information, conduct, monitor, optimize the recruitment process and communicate outcome to all connected with the process. Talent Acquisition directly helps attract superior talent, shorten the "speed to hire", and reduce recruitment cost. More...
Talent Development
Talent development is critical to retain and grow the acquired talent through effective career planning. It includes tools to facilitate on-boarding process for newly acquired talent, ability to identify skills gaps and enhance skills through online training programs. Benefits are greater employee satisfaction, increasing the standard of the workforce, reduced attrition rates, which in turn helps in more effective management of human resource costs. (Coming soon)
Performance Management

Aligning the human resources of an organization with its business strategy through goal management and talent assessment is vital to delivering high-level performance. It includes tools to enable top-down goal setting, cascading the goals and deliverables, planning on long-term workforce growth, skills target through talent analytics and workforce planning. Our performance management automation solution helps the organization optimize enterprise wide results. (Coming soon)

Talopt can be customized to meet your needs and integrates seamlessly with your organization. Customers subscribe to it as software as a service and the recruitment automation solution is connected to your company website's career page. Our execution team implements the solution within 48 hours of the order and provides comprehensive training so customers can realize benefits within a few days of implementation.
Realize Benefits

Talopt delivers benefits to Human Resource executives across all dimensions of talent management - Recruitment, Development, and Performance.
Talopt benefits are:

  • Manage resumes from all source
  • Improve quality of hiring
  • Increase speed of hiring
  • Reduce cost per hire
  • Create a large choice
  • Free organization resources
  • Enhance company brand image
  • Optimize processes
  • Improve efficiencies
  • Elevate performance
  • Integrate enterprise wide hiring

Overcome Challenges

Specific Challenges faced by HR that are overcome by use of Talopt are:

  • Manual process bottlenecks
  • Resource constraints
  • Inability to share information
  • Coordination with placement agencies
  • Non-availability of real-time reports
  • Planning limitations
  • Unconsolidated and non-standardized resume databank
  • Managing large volume of candidates

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