The Talent Acquisition Solution suite is implemented as the Corporate Career Website. It is installed on the careers link of the customer's website and consists of a Base Module and Add-On Modules.

The Base Module allows HR to manage all day-to-day activities using the Career Page, HR Module, Jobseeker Module, Placement Agency Module and Job Requisition Module.

The Add-On Module helps improve the functioning of day-to-day activities by allowing HR to perform Automated Screening & Ranking, SMS Communication Management and Campus Recruitment. The Add-On Modules are optional.


The Talent Acquisition Solution allows the users to perform their day-to-day activities in a streamline manner.

HR Managers Can
  • Post job vacancies on the company website
  • Create & approve placement agencies
  • Add & manage jobseekers
  • Schedule interviews
  • Communicate with all process stakeholders
  • Manage performance through MIS
  • Conduct online tests
Base Module

The Corporate Career Website is seamlessly integrated with the customer's website with a similar look-and-feel as the main website of the company (e.g. color scheme, company logo, etc.). The Corporate Career Website includes the following:

The Career Page

The career page includes the corporate profile, overview of the business divisions, generic information on career opportunities, and a list of active job vacancies. Job seekers can click on any of the job vacancy to get job posting details and apply against these opening by registering and submitting their resumes (or if already registered at the company, by logging into the job seeker module and applying for the position). Jobseekers can also submit their resumes without applying for any specific job posting.

Corporate HR Module

This is the interface that controls the entire recruitment process. Human Resource manager can create and modify organization description and information, create and manage list of divisions, companies in the enterprise, create & manage profiles of placement agencies used by HR, add and manage Business Units / Department in the organization, add and manage jobseekers registered with the organization. The HR can also create and manage job postings, applications and communicate with job seekers, business units / departments, to set up and schedule interviews. HR also has access to view reports that provide insights on performance by Job Posting, Group Company, Placement Agency, Jobseeker etc.

Jobseeker Module

Jobseeker's interested in the organization can register and upload their resumes. Once registered, jobseeker's can update their resumes on a regular basis and set up alerts to receive information on new opening at the organization. They can apply for job postings on the career page of the organization, communicate with HR and know the outcome of their application online.

Placement Agencies Module

Many organizations work with placement agencies to supplement their own efforts for finding candidates. HR can create access for Placement Agencies or grant access to Placement Agencies who sign up on the organizations website. Placement Agencies then access this module to work on assignments given by HR, Upload candidate information for job postings and view real time the status of their candidates in the organization recruitment process. Placement Agencies can also manage their profiles and contact information on an ongoing basis.

Requisition Management (BU/Department) Module

HR can create access for different Business Units and Departments of the organization. They may then create job requisitions that become postings on the job vacancies board of the career page on confirmation by HR. Each Business Unit and Department can monitor progress and update status of candidates in the system and also communicate with HR, Candidates from this module.

Placement Agencies Can
  • Sign up with the company
  • Provide candidates
  • Assign candidates towards new openings
  • View status of placements
  • Communicate with all process stakeholders

Jobseekers Can
  • Upload and maintain resumes
  • Apply for vacancies
  • View status of applications
  • Set up alerts for new job vacancies
  • Communicate with all process stakeholders
  • Appear for online tests

Business Units Can
  • Make job requisitions
  • View status of applications
  • Communicate with all process stakeholders
  • Monitor progress

Add-on Modules

In addition to the base module, Recruitment Automation also includes the following optional modules.

Automated Pre-Screening & Ranking

The module serves as an effective tool for the HR to administer and conduct tests on job applicants either in a supervised or unsupervised environment. HR can create new tests, define answers, score computations, use standardized test to evaluate or prescreen job applicants. This powerful utility serves as an enormous productivity tool for HR to deliver higher performance. We have created a network of locations through partners where these tests may be conducted in a supervised environment. Responses and results are available to HR online.

Contact Management Platform

Organizations can also use the SMS communication platform to inform candidates about updates to schedules, outcome of interviews etc in addition to email. There are several advantages of sending communications through SMS including instant delivery, real time access for the recipient, most effective for last moment changes etc.

Campus Recruitment Solution

Companies can now connect to a network of placement offices all over the country using this module, define specific requirements that would appear on the online notice board of colleges on the college website, manage campus recruitment across a large number of colleges, view consolidated campus recruitment performance reports, communicate with students and placement offices, mine student data in depth and fill their fresher recruitment needs using this module.